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Just passing this along (some of you may have seen in on the PornPossitiveFeminism or Sexworkers comms).

Celebrate Sex Worker Pride this June at the Sex Worker Cabaret on June 6th at the Slipper Room!

Behind a cut for those not in/near NYCCollapse )

Deadline: Please submit your proposal by Wednesday, April 7th (TOMORROW).

Questions? Contact: Sarah Jenny – sarahjenny@gmail.com

Promoters: Sarah Jenny & Rachel G.
29 March 2010 @ 11:43 am
Just passing this along, from $PREAD Magazine (a few of you are going to see this a couple of times -- I'm putting it up on PornPositiveFeminism, too):



For our summer issue, $pread is proud to host a guest editorial collective of US-based sex workers and allies of color. The issue will explore race and racism within the sex industry/sex trades in the United States. How do you feel your racial identity affects your experience in the sex industry/sex trades or in sex worker rights movements? We are seeking articles from people of color of all backgrounds, including people identifying as part of immigrant communities.

Features pitches (a short 250-word write-up of your idea for an article of 2000-3000 words) should be sent to race@spreadmagazine.org, with the heading labeled by the section in which your piece might fit. Also listed below are some ideas for the regularly featured columns in $pread; if you would like to submit content for any of these, please send us a short pitch with details. Our deadline for pitches is April 15 at the latest, so please send your paragraph-length pitch in ASAP. The content deadline for full articles will be May 10, 2010.

**Are you a new/inexperienced writer but have a great story idea and want help developing it? Send in your idea and add a note indicating that you want support.


* Features: Features can talk about any aspect of race, racism and the sex industry/sex trades. While you don't have to limit yourself to the suggestions, here are some ideas we had for feature pieces (2000-3000 words):
- There are many grassroots organizing efforts and resistance struggles among communities of color engaged in the sex industry/sex trades around the country. Let us know what you're doing!
- Who controls how people of color in the sex industry/sex trades are represented in the media? We are looking for an article that analyzes media representations of people of color in the sex industry and offers suggestions for change.

* Hot Topic: Is sex work empowering for you as a person of color in the sex industry/sex trades? (200-300 words)

* Positions: This is a “for” and “against” piece. Should sex workers play into racial stereotypes, either their own or that of another race; or mute their racial identity upon request? We're looking for someone to argue "yes" and someone to argue "no." Each angle is allotted 400 words to explain why sex workers should or should not either play into a racial stereotype or play down a racial identity at a client's request.

* Healthy Hooker: Have you been discriminated against while trying to access health care because of both your racial identity and sex worker status? Want some advice? Write in!

* Reviews: Reviews on a recent sex work related book/film/performance/etc. that deals with race. Please inquire about available items or suggest material before submitting a full piece as we may already have someone covering it. Specify your location in your reply if you do not already have the item for review. (400-600 words)

* Scene Report: What's it like to work where you live as a person of color in the sex industry/sex trades? How are working conditions with clients, law enforcement, other workers, activists, outreach teams and your communit(ies)? Although this piece can be framed as a personal essay, it should contain information useful to working visitors and not seem entirely unique to the writer. (500 words)

* Heroes: What worker(s) from racially oppressed groups have inspired you? We're hoping to use this space to acknowledge women, men and transgender people of color who work to undo stereotypes, to call attention to issues that affect the sex industry and increase access and visibility for people of color both in the sex workers' rights movement and in the sex industry/sex trades. (300 words)

* Indecent Proposal: Details don't need to be graphic or wild as much as you need to convey why the situation unsettled or surprised you. (500 words)

* News Report: News Reports should be on a timely topic, ideally an issue relevant to sex workers outside of North America. This is not space for a personal essay or op-ed; the approach is decidedly journalistic and should include important dates, names, places and quotes. (150-300 words)

* Ask a Ho: Do you have questions about navigating the sex industry/sex trades as a person of color? Send in your questions! Write "Ask a Ho" in the subject line.

* Resources: This issue of $pread will feature an additional section of resources specifically for addressing racial oppression, including in the context of organizing and activism. Please send in resources.

* Art, Photos: Send in art for this issue on race and racism! Comics, Photos, Drawings, etc.

* Focus Groups/ Interviews: We welcome interviews, and transcripts from focus group discussions. Feel free to send in interviews or let us know if you’d like to be interviewed.
20 December 2009 @ 12:20 pm

I know there are a lot of F2Ms on this group who have been asking for YEARS how to break into the biz.

I'd always explained that until the industry REALLY changed, that there would not likely be any gigs, or a genre, or any of that.

Well friends, here it comes.

A mainstream pornographer that I work with is asking me if I know any F2Ms who would be interested in doing solo shoots, and shoots with cis girls and trans girls.

This is in Seattle, but he travels, so, pipe up if you are in SF, LA, New York, or other major cities.

(If you live elsewhere, say hi. Maybe it could still work.)

Now, the tricky thing is, is that he is a mainstream pornographer beginning to make queer porn, and my work partner and I have decided to try and deliver some education and sensitivity training to him in the coming days of discussing getting my partner's site up, and dealing with our own shoots.

The t-girl porn is still "shemale," and he shoots my partner because she has a big clit (and is f2m2f. You all can thank HER for making this guy hot for it, and helping open the gates.)

So, he's shooting her as a female with a large clit. He doesn't know she used to be on T, but, that doesn't seem to actually bother him, from what he just said about shooting and f2m with an m2f. (I think he's getting a fetish for this, so, this is very good for us here.)

We're going to try to guide him to begin letting the queers help him come up with ideas of how to shoot us (like, cock obsessed m2f porn has got to GO,) so hopefully, we can keep them from naming f2m porn something as f**king stupid as "shemale strokers" or such.

Any ideas, anyone, what a queer friendly term for trans guy porn might be that would also get straight men to pay for it to masturbate?

(Its the biz, loves. We're here to get them off, no matter what we say.)

Anyway, all of you, let me know who's interested.

Oh, and the pay is likely $500 min per shoot.

Just FYI.

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24 September 2009 @ 09:59 am
Okay, I don't know if this has been linked already, but I wanted to put it out there. Also: Cross-posting this all over, so you may see it more than once (sorry).

If you're trans and live in Ontario, please take the Trans PULSE Survey.
From the website:
We are documenting how discrimination affects trans people's health and we need as many trans people as possible to participate.
Please link this all over the place. :-)
Hey all.

I'm ending this journal from which I am now typing, and it is the only Moderator on this comm.

I'm wishing to pass on Moderation status to someone else, and not take it onto my new account. (I just find this far too much to manage, I'm a busy busy person.)

If no one comes forth, I'm going to just assign Mod status to 3 random people, and then cut out.

Lottery anyone?
27 July 2009 @ 08:08 pm
Really can anyone give any feedback on how likely it is I'll be able to get into porn post op? I'm scheduled for the op this September and having once dreamt of pornstardom (corny I know) I have rediscovered that goal in some sense.

I had asked previously about porn a while ago and I know that trans porn, specifically transwoman porn, is a rather large market but I don't hear much about post op trans people in the industry.

Any feedback?
04 January 2009 @ 10:52 pm
Can anyone tell me what sex work in Washington State breaks down like?

Got some sisters here, and we'd love to get the scoop!

I'm interested in hearing any stories you've got, no matter what part of the industry you're in, how much money you make, or who you know. Also, any part of the state is relevant, especially the low down on the laws, but we're most interested in Kurt Cobain territory (Seattle area and surrounding.)

I've got a lady working sugar daddy arrangements, and someone else going through regulars, so its really not giving us a very big view yet.

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04 September 2008 @ 03:13 pm
Is it totally unheard of for an agency(Either escort or talent) to represent trans individuals? Because it seems that I cannot find one. Furthermore the few ads I see from so-called agencies looking for trans folk aren't really legit.

I'm just asking because I really do not have the know how to pursue my aspirations independently at this point.
22 June 2008 @ 02:55 pm
How does one get into this line o' work? I had e-mailed the folks at grooby sometime last year and exchanged e-mails but nothing really came from it as I pretty much had some serious hang ups over my body. So suffice to say any offers fell through.

But now, after much exercise and what not, I've got my body to a place that I'm pleased with(just need a few minor mods here and there) that I'm ready and willing. Very willing.

So does anyone have pointers how to get into this biz? I e-mailed the grooby people again on friday but haven't received a reply yet. So I figured I would turn to you lovely people.

The Prostitution law review committee of the Ministry of Justice in NZ has recently released their 5 year review of the decriminalization of prostitution (.PDF HERE). They have some interesting findings, after what is now 5 years of legal prostitution:

Some quotes from the Associate Justice Minister Lianne Dalziel:

“The report indicates that the numbers have remained more or less the same since the Act came into force and that most sex workers are better off under the PRA than they were previously, which was the intention of the Act.

“There’s no evidence of increased numbers of people being used in underage prostitution. In fact, the PRA has raised awareness of the problem,”

“The PRA has had a marked effect in safeguarding the rights of sex workers. Removing the taint of illegality has empowered sex workers by reducing the opportunity for coercion and exploitation.”

Some other key findings about the 'myths' of Sex Work:

  • Coercion is not widespread.

  • Sex workers are more likely to be the victims of crime, rather than offenders.

  • The links between crime and prostitution are tenuous and the report found no evidence of a specific link between them. The link between under-aged prostitutes and youth gangs is often a case of underage people hanging around with friends who happen to be in youth gangs.

  • The reasons people joined and stayed in the sex industry are complex, however money was the main reason.

  • Fewer than 17 per cent said they are working to support drug or alcohol use, although when broken down by sector street-based sex workers are more likely to report needing to pay for drugs or alcohol (45 per cent).

  • The perceived scale of a ‘problem’ in a community can be directly linked to the amount and tone of media coverage it gets.

  • Much of the reporting on the numbers of sex workers and underage involvement in prostitution has been exaggerated.

  • There is no link in New Zealand between the sex industry and human trafficking.

One more quote (this one actually from the study itself):

Oh I wish I could have. If I could find a really good job, I would leave in a second, that wouldn’t, like I said, discriminate me for what I am and be acceptive of like I am an employee, I’m not a trans-gendered person who they have to keep looking at funny. Yeah, I’m there to do the work. I will do the work and respect what’s been given to me or been told to me. But don’t just keep looking at me as like, “Oh she’s a trans-gender,” you know…I’ve been in so many jobs and you just hear it, you know. Um (.) and it’s just like I’m there just to work, you know, pay my bills and leave. I’m not there to basically put what I am on show or display for everybody, so yeah.
-- (Terri, Street, Transgender, Christchurch, CSOM, 2007)

For more information around please visit their website or ISBN 978-0-478-29052-7 Please help us spread the word, and end these myths forever!

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