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trans_sex_work's Journal

Trans Sex Workers
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Getting Trannies to Work, Providing the Safety of Shared Information and Tradition
This is a community for and by trans-persons either working in, seeking to work in, or having worked in, the sex industry.

The moderator of this community feels that the model of independent sex work and the Sex Worker Movement pioneered by certain factions of Feminism and the New Whore Culture is the most advantageous and profitable model for a sexual professional who desires abundance to work in.

Much of the Feminism and Whore Culture intersection stems from the fact that many (arguably most) sex workers are women who were born that way. Sex Worker has erroneously become conflated with the word Woman.

Not all sex workers are women, some are men, some are men who once were women, and a large portion are trans-women with various stories and backgrounds. It is well established that a larger proportion of the trans-woman population are sex workers (or will be or have been) than any other demographic's population (if the numbers are at all accurate, which many suspect they are not.)

It beggars the New Whore Culture to become intimate that the word Whore contains far more genders, experiences and dialogs than the word Woman.

This community is a decree to extend the hand of the New Sexual Evolution to the population in question, that we may all profit and survive.

Now, let this not be all high and lofty.

What many people in the sex worker support movement do not see is the hard work and the hard business choices this sort of career requires.

This revolution of whoredom is not all slogans and theory.

What I'd like to see done with this community is for we present to share stories of our work, links to relevant articles and movements, information about how to operate, how to work for oneself, how to control ones career.

A focus on the pragmatic is emphasized, as well as process. I feel it would be an interesting cannon of information if we shared our process of research, initiation into different parts of the industry, places to work and places not to work. Ways to work, and ways not to work. Mistakes and failures even, if you feel it would help another.

The revolution of whoredom will not come simply through theory, but philosophy in motion. This means the actions, transactions and work methods of the revolutionary whores in question, how you do the job is where the change takes place.

(as well as a heady political movement, but I'd like this to focus this community on getting us to work, using information that gets us more pay, more safety, more results)

The last thing to say, is that a lot of the way we can share our process here is to only share anonymous/public information. That is, links to information that has been established on the net, or links to good forums or work sites is a great thing to post, especially as the average sex worker is way too busy working to type everything out here.

No one should be mentioning names of clients, or your legal name for that matter.

Put on a mask, become a character. Much of this job is acting.

Learning the art of subtle veiling, revealing only what you intend someone to know is a necessary part of keeping yourself safe, at work, with clients, and with the internet. Really think about what you put out there, put out your best, and you'll get that back. Make others expect it.

Have fun. Have a damn good time of it. It'll make the work better.
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